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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am so glad you found this blog! I welcome you! May you find information that is helpful to you in your search for products that are the best for you! If you have any questions, shoot me an email or leave a comment. Enjoy your stay!

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My successful healthy weight plan

Sharing the BEST!

When you find a book or movie or restaurant that was absolutely over the top it is easy to eagerly share all about the experience with everyone! Shaklee is a company that is simply "over the top" in every way! Their product line is all natural and really does all it says it will do! The company itself has been in business for over 50 years and has never had a product recall because of the multiple astringent testing procedures they follow at all levels of production. I am proud to be Shaklee distributors are sharing with others the blessings of being a Shaklee product consumer! It is great to be with a company we can believe in and share with others and earn an income as well!

Shaklee Kids Video

Healthy Kids

Shakleekids Incredivites is the first children's chewable multivitamin in the U.S. with lactoferrin, which helps kids' immune systems stay supercharged.* Packed with 23 essential nutrients, it's the world's best kids' supplement-with 600 IU of vitamin D to support strong bones and teeth, and 100% of the Daily Value of all eight B vitamins and vitamin C. Just two a day and off they play. Now that's incredible!
Mighty Smart is scientifically formulated with a power-packed blast of 100% natural, ultra-pure DHA. Each great-tasting chew provides 100 mg of this essential brain nutrient. DHA has been shown to support a mighty memory, mad concentration, and fierce mind skills. In addition, it promotes healthy eyes and rad vision for your multitalented, multitasking superhero.
Shakleebaby Multivitamin & Multimineral Powder delivers 23 essential nutrients that your baby may not be getting from foods. In addition to providing a healthful serving of vitamins A, C, and all eight B vitamins to support proper growth, this powdered mix is formulated with a unique blend of clinically proven prebiotics—nutrients that encourage the growth of friendly microflora in the digestive tract to help support a strong immune system. Plus, it’s got 400 IU of vitamin D to support strong bones and teeth.

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Enfuselle Skin Therapy

Enfuselle Skin Therapy
Look 10 years younger. Guaranteed!
Enfuselle Skin Care lines is the BEST!
Now, Enfuselle is everything it claims! Give it the 28 day challenge and you'll be very impressed. In just 7 days, I noticed a smoother skin with an undertone of radiance and so supple!

Foundations for Healthy Living

Foundations for Healthy Living
Wholefoods Supplements the nourish the very cells!

Bioavaliable, Wholefoods, Supplements

I have been a supplement user for quite a few years. Using this, that and the other as new products came on the market and claimed to be the best. Never quite got the results they claimed until I began using Shaklee!
Case in point: during my first pregnancy I took supplements recommended to me at our local natural foods co-op. It was difficult to get them down, but I knew I needed the supplementation during this pre-natal stage. We birthed a healthy boy. I continued with the supplements not getting quite the results I felt I should be getting. Again a bit of disillusion. I do try to prayerfully make good decisions and put this matter before the Lord and then Shaklee came into our lives! I began using their products and taking their supplements. Not long after that we became pregnant again and the experience was easier than the last! And when my husband caught our second son everyone in the room: my sister, the midwife and her assistant, and a supporting friend, commented on his beautiful pink, healthy physique!
The difference? These supplements actually get to where they can be used!
It easy to see the Shaklee Difference!

Get Clean-Green and Mean!!

Get Clean-Green and Mean!!
Non-toxic, powerful clean!
I eliminated toxic chemicals from our home over a decade ago. It made a difference in our health and the atmosphere of our home. I did it because of reports and statistics I had read about the cancer and disease caused by constant exposure to these chemicals. Many people taught "global warming" as another reason, but I never believed in that aspect of the "green movement". I just knew that I wanted to give my family the opportunity to live in a home that was as safe as it could be!
Here again was the struggle to find products that were effective enough to get the dirty work done! It was discouraging but I knew I would need to keep looking. I actually began making many of my own cleaning products to use and was quite pleased with them.
Once Shaklee came into our lives not only did we experience a wonderful cosmetic and skin care line, as well as a whole foods supplement line-we now had a line of cleaning products that was "mean" as well as "green"! And economical! Wow!!! The Basic H2 only takes 1/4 tsp for general cleaning purposes, 2 drops to clean windows, and 1 1/2 tsp for degreasing mixed in just 16 oz of water!!! What a bargain for a powerful, green clean!